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Job Search Strategy and Interviewing Assistance Workshop
Your comprehensive guide to landing that job!

June Dates
Friday, June 22nd, 2018
Saturday, June 23rd, 2018
 Location: Tysons Corner, VA
This workshop is a comprehensive 4-hour job search strategy and interviewing workshop to help you land your dream job.  Gain keen insight from a tenured industry professional. Learn how to get into the mind of a hiring manager.
Here’s What Will Happen:
  • You’ll Understand How to Showcase Your Skills and Abilities
  • You’ll Increase Your Confidence
  • You’ll Decrease Your Interview Stress and Anxiety
  • You’ll Know How to Brand Yourself
  • You’ll Understand You’re Self-worth (AKA – Knowing When Not to Settle)

Job Search Strategies – Sending out resumes and hoping for the best isn’t the best job search strategy.  It’s more complicated than that, particularly in today’s market. Successful job seekers are strategic and use certain techniques to help them stand out from the rest. Your career isn’t something that you leave to happenstance.  It’s the same for your job search.

In this workshop, you’ll be provided with strategies to help you:
  • Expedite your search
  • Help you find relevant connections
  • Get your resume noticed
  • Help companies find you
  • Increase your confidence and comfort level
  • Land that job!

Each participant will receive a detailed workbook with fillable templates to help you customize and keep track of your job search.
Targeting Your Resume and Cover Letter – Your resume is your golden ticket to the interview and it’s important to take the time to write targeted resumes and cover letters that specifically link your qualifications to the hiring criteria.  The recruiter or hiring manager must be able to see, at a quick glance, why, and how, you are qualified for the job. You’ll learn how to increase your chances of getting an interview with a targeted resume.
Acing Your Interview – So, you’ve got the interview. Now what? If you’re new to interviewing or haven’t done it a lot, it may feel threatening.
Maybe they:
  • Make you uncomfortable.
  • Make you nervous.
  • Make you stumble because you don’t speak with confidence.
  • Make it hard for you to articulate your success stories.
Well, guess what?

It’s not unusual to be intimidated but just like other skills, interviewing can be learned. Once you understand what the recruiter or hiring manager wants, you can confidently articulate what you bring to the table.

Interviews are the time to impress the interviewer with your skills, experience, confidence, and expertise.  It’s your opportunity to shine.  We will discuss the science behind the interview and you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of the process. We’ll cover the distinct types of interviews including how to get the best out of a video interview.  You’ll also learn how to answer common questions and you’ll learn the best method to sell your skills appropriately – all with confidence and competence.

Negotiation Strategies – A well thought-out negotiation makes you look like a stronger candidate. You will be provided with a step-by-step negotiation guide to help you with one of the most challenging aspects of the process.
Personal Branding and Ranking Well on Social Media – Your first impression is not what is created when you meet face-to-face.  Your first impression is what is seen on your online presence. And, if you’re in a job search, you want to be found.  You’ll learn how to create and update your social media profiles to help you tell a compelling story that attracts future employees.
After the Workshop Coaching -  After the workshop, I invite each participant to ask questions specific to their job search.  I also encourage each person to bring their resume for a free critique and advice on how to update their resume.  This is your time for individualized assistance.
Networking The workshop is limited to ten individuals to maximize the impact of the training.  This is also your opportunity to network with individuals across industries.   Your network can never be too large and you’ll never know who you might meet who can help you one day.
June Dates
  • Friday, June 22nd 2018
  • Saturday, June 23rd 2018
Location: Tysons Corner

Fee: $159 per person.   Light breakfast will be provided (coffee, tea, pastries, and fruit).

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