10 May, 2016
    Rebel With A Cause In my 10th grade biology class my teacher, Mr. Glover, made a sexist remark.  Didn’t sit too well with me and I called him out in class. That was odd in itself because being the quintessential introvert, I was typically quiet.  The room grew uncomfortable. The guy next to me called me “radical.” Odd choice of words for defending my sex. Then there was the time in college that I was interning at the Rape Crisis Center.  I was participating in the Center’s community outreach
  2. Are You Falling For the Same Old Tricks?
    02 May, 2016
    Are You Falling For the Same Old Tricks?
    Last week I read The Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs.  In an early chapter of this book, Burroughs tells the story of a dog named Rusty. Rusty’s story is heartbreaking. He stays chained in his yard and attached to his doghouse.  Burroughs describes Rusty as an animal who looks like he has given up on the world. The only life he knows is a life that happens within a 10 feet radius – about the length of his chain.  One day as Burroughs was walking by Rusty’s house, it was feeding time.  He
  3. The Devil Named Decision
    30 Apr, 2016
    The Devil Named Decision
    Falling Feels Like Flying Till You Crash I’m in love with the music of Chris Stapleton.  If you aren’t familiar with Stapleton, he’s a rising star in country music.   You might be rolling your eyes a bit on this one if you’re not a country music fan, but trust me.  No, really. It’s not your dad’s country music. Chris Stapleton has one of the most unique voices in the industry today.  His voice has a bluesy, soulful sound with a little throwback southern rock mixed in.   In his song, Parachute,